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I'm seriously scared... Look at this:

Who has a crush on luinthoron?
The below numbers indicate what sorta crushes luinthoron's friends have on him, as taken from the results of the original LJ Secret Crush Meme.
Questions? Please read the FAQ.

1.5 people have a Secret Crush on luinthoron.
0 people have a Public Crush on luinthoron.
0 people have an Ex-Crush on luinthoron.

How many people have a crush on you?

1.5 people... Now, even the 1 is surprising, but there's also one person somewhere out there who seems to be cut in two halves! XD

Seriously, though - who is crazy/stupid/insane enough to have a crush on me...? Why me? What have I done to deserve this? Tell me! Because I can't see even one single reason... I wasn't even going to put this here - I just clicked the link to confirm a zero. And then this happened...
Tags: quiz/meme

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