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from goddessoftime

A - Act your age - Nope
B - Body Type - Skinny
C - Clean or Dirty - Dirty?
D - Dad's name - Rudo
E - Essential music item - Computer with lots of MP3s
F - Favourite Book - LOTR
G - Gold or silver - Silver
H - Hometown -Valga, Estonia
I - Instruments you play - None (although I've learned a little bit piano)
J - Job title - Assistant Translator
K - Kids - None
M - Mum's name - Mall
N - Number of people you've slept with - 0
O - Overnight hospital stays - Too many to remeber
P - Phobia - Important people?
Q - Quote you like - "Sanity is over-rated"
R - Religious affiliation - Something of my own
S - Siblings - Rahel (sister, 22), Janek (brother, 19), Meril (sister, 14), Rebekka (sister, 11)
T - Time you wake up? - 7 AM on workdays
U - Unique habit - sometimes having my hair in a braid :)
V - Vegetable you refuse to eat - cauliflower
W - Worst habit - too many to pick one :)
X - X-rays you've had - many, can't remember them all, really...
Y - Yum food you make - can't cook enough to make 'yum' foods. But still not too bad...
Z - Zodiac Sign - Aquarius
Tags: quiz/meme

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