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Luinthoron's LiveJournal v.15.3
evil long survey taken from vampodrama 
12th-Sep-2003 10:13 am
Gundam 00: Saji / Cute / Blue

Your sex: male
Your Age: 23
Your Sign: aquarius
Your height: something around 5'9 / 175 cm?
Your weight: 52 kg / 114.5 pounds
Hair color: dark blonde?
Eye color: blue/gray
Hair length: long
Do you wear glasses: yes
Are your teeth straight: mostly
Do you have freckles: no, sadly not
Do you have a fake tooth: no
Do you have a fake eye: no
Do you draw fake moles on yourself: no
Your religion: something of my own
Highest level of school: one year of university
Do you work: yes
How do you dress: jeans and t-shirt
Do you smoke: no
Do you drink: rarely
Do you do drugs: no
Do you have friends: not sure
Do you have online friends: yes!
Do you like your friends: online friends, yes. other friends... some, I think
Got any kids? no...
Got any pets? not anymore
Got a car? no
Live on your own? no
Live with your 'rents? yes


Type of music: almost everything
Actor: Mark Dacascod
Actress: none
Movie: none
Soda: Fanta
Food: too much :)
Sexual Position: none
Car: Ferrari GTO and Peugeot 406, previous version
Hobby: listening to music
Sport: none
Musician: none
Artist: none
Author: none
Anime: currently Gundam SEED
Song: none
Color: blue
TV Show: none
Brand of beer: none
Brand of liquor: none
Brand of smokes: ???
Brand of drug: none
Brand of clothes: doesn't matter
Record Label: none
Brand of glue: none
Shape: star
Texture: none
Game: Neverwinter Nights
Place: the 'Net
Year: 1980
Holiday: can't really remember
Animal: none
Sound: none
Book: LotR
Drink: none


Virgin: yes
Butthole a virgin?: of course
Kinky turns you on: don't really know
More than 15 partners: no
Have sex with music on: see my answer to virgin
Had group sex: no
Had a threesome: no
Had cyber sex: no
Had cyber anal sex: no
Had sex with inanimate objects: no
Had sex with an animal: no!
What turns you on: don't really know yet... XD
What turns you off: ...
is Oral sex good: probably...
Do you like sex: I certainly hope so XD

Love life

Are you married: no.
Are you divorced: no.
Are you "Separated": no.
Are you "on break": no
Ever been in love: maybe...
How many times: 1?
Looking back do you regret it: no
Do you date people you meet online: I would...
Do you date people you meet at bars: I don't go to bars
Do you date people: people don't date me
Do you "net date": no
Are you happy with your current status: no
Do you have a crush on someone close to you: no
Are you still holding on to the past: not really

The following apply to you? Y/N

Witty: a little
Charming: rarely
Quiet: yes
Loud: rarely
Pretty: even less
Radical: sometimes
Sucky: probably
Smart: yes
Stupid: yes, that too
Dumbass: occasionally
Ugly: not really
Slow: rarely
Fast: sometimes
Talented: yes
Useless: no
Punk: no
Young: yes
Old: yes
Past your prime: no
You're just reaching your prime: no
Dashing: not really
Daring: rarely
Dainty: ?
Powerful: no
Athletic: no
Artistic: not really. but I try anyway
Superhuman: sometimes
Sexy: no

The following are Good/Bad

Rap: good
Sex: good
Love: go(o)d!
Pain: bad
Happiness: good
Pop music: good
Anime: good
TV: good
Country: bad
Metal: good
Death Metal: good
Industrial: good
Punk Rock: good.
Easy Listening: good.
Korn: good
Murderous Rampages: bad
Sega: bad
Nintendo: good
Play Station: evil
Game Boy: good
Chinese Food: good
Italian Food: good
Japanese Food: don't know
Mexican Food: don't know
Online Quizzes: good
Online Surveys: good

Whats your deep dark secret: I am my own deep dark secret
Whats your biggest fear: important people
Whats your greatest sexual experience: none
Whats your best date ever: never dated
Whats your worst date ever: see above
Would you make a good candidate for Jerry Springer: no
You agree that DVD is much better than VHS right? yes, but I'd need a DVD player for them


Do you hate America: no
Do you hate terrorism: yes
Do you think America shouldn't be involved in the Mid East: yes
Do you hate western culture: no
DO you like Americans: yes
Did you vote for Bush: n/a
Are you Canadian, you fuck: sadly, no
Do you believe your country is doing okay or would you change things: pretty much ok
Are you conservative or liberal? both?
Do you think immigration in America is out of hand? don't really know


Are you religious? a little
Do you believe in a higher being: sometimes
Is every religion wrong except your own? no


Do you like it? who doesn't?
Do you have any? a little
Do you make a lot of it? no
Do you get your money through illegal ways? no
Do you pay taxes? I actually do...
Do you think you shouldn't have to? sometimes


Who did you get this survey from? vampodrama
Do you swear that this is the last survey you'll ever post in your lj, you fuck? NO!!!
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