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An old long meme from goddessoftime to kill the boredom

//info about you
First Name: Marek
Middle Name: /none/
Last Name: Lilleleht
Gender: male
Age: 23
Height: 175 cm?
Eyes: blue/gray
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Birth date: January 28 1980
Lucky number: 12
Quote: We put a piece of our soul in every character we write about
Birthstone: don't really remember...
Right or Left Handed: right
Glasses, contacts, or neither? glasses
Parents -- married, divorced, or other: still married :)
Hobbies: games, reading, writing, listening to music

//sexual shizit
Sexuality: straight
Your sexiest feature: they say it's my hair :)
A place you want to have sex: wherever you want...
Kinky things you like: um... I'm sure there must be something... but I really can't think of anything
A sexual fantasy: there are some, but I'm not telling them ;)
A fragrance that makes you think of sex: /none/

//when was the last time you...
smiled? right now
danced? can't even remember
hugged someone? Monday?
had a nightmare? ages ago

//the last...
thing you read: lots of fanfics
movie you saw on the big screen: Matrix Reloaded
phone # you called: home
TV show you watched: TV Total
song you heard: see music on this entry XD
thing you drank: water, just plain water
thing you ate: hamburger

Song: there are too many to pick one
Band/Artist: same as with the song
Color: Blue
Color to wear: White, Black and Blue
Style of clothing: whatever... :)
Time of day: night
Season: Summer
Place to be: right here in front of the computer (and surprisingly - it's because of the music!)
Country to travel to: Australia
Kind of music to listen to: almost everything
Thing to read: anything if it's written well
Food: too much :)
Drink: Fanta
Vacation spot: Prague was nice...
Boy name: Jaanus
Girl name: Jaanika
Meal: too much, again :)
Vegetables: what's that? ;)
Junk food: hamburgers
Candy: Tiina (Estonians here will know)
Dessert: ice cream
Cookie: /none/
Ice cream: vanilla with raisins
Game: right now it would be Neverwinter Nights

//preferences about the opposite sex
Eye color: doesn't matter
Hair color: doesn't matter
Tall or short: doesn't matter
Older or younger than you: and even that doesn't matter
Smart or stupid: smart
Mischievous or well-behaved: inbetween :)
Leader or follower: doesn't matter
Laughs at anything you say or knows when to laugh: knows when to laugh
Shy or talkative: doesn't matter that much
Does what needs to be done or more than necessary: somewhere in the middle
Fast or slow: does this matter?
Flirts openly or in private: doesn't matter either, as long as she flirts with me :)
Kiss on first date or wait for the appropriate time: doesn't matter
First thing to look for: love at first sight :)
Poetic or not: doesn't matter
Most important: (Place a number between 1 and 9, 1 being the most important)
Eyes: 3
Smile: 2
Ass: 8
Hair style: 4
Prep or freak:9
Hygiene: 6
General looks:5

//do you...
bite your fingernails? sometimes
bite the skin around your fingernails? sometimes
suck on a finger/you thumb? nope
fidget? what?
tap on things? yes
smoke? no, never
sleep with stuffed animals? no
girl/boyfriend? no ;(
have a recurring dream? no
remember your 1st love? yes
still love him/her? I think so...
read the newspaper? I guess so...
have any gay/lesbian friends? no
believe in miracles? yes
believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? yes
consider yourself tolerant of others? yes
like the taste of alcohol? not that much
believe in God? can't really answer this...
any secrets? yes
have any pets? not since I was a kid
go to / plan to go to a university? not since I was kicked out for the third time... o_O
wear hats? no
have any piercings? no
have any tattoos? no
hate yourself? hate? no, I don't hate myself...
have a best friend? no
have any bad habits? some
care about looks? a little
trust others easily? not too easily
like sarcasm? sometimes :)
take walks in the rain? rarely
sing in the shower? sometimes
have any scars? one or two, I think
Tags: quiz/meme

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