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Argh... Stupid Windows 7 and it's stupid "upgraded" Explorer. This is the second time I've accidentally deleted a whole folder instead of the subfolder I wanted to delete. At least this time it's easier to download the contents again... XP was much more pleasant to use, especially when one prefers to use the keyboard most of the time instead of the mouse.

And to make this post less negative, something I already linked on Fakebook, but somehow never got around to posting here. And having seen the surprising amount of Katawa Shoujo related posts on my friends list, some might actually be interested in this VN as well. A couple of weeks ago Dischan released their first tiny work, made for this year's NaNoReNo, Juniper's Knot.

To quote dischan_devblog:
We do hope you enjoy it, fellows. For those of you who haven’t been following us lately: Juniper’s Knot is a short, fantasy, kinetic novel (meaning there are no choices) that tells the story of a boy’s encounter with a demon in an abandoned village. As it is tiny, saying any more may just ruin it for you. I’ll say one other thing, though: our new programmer, Anton (Guy-kun) Prydatko, is in the process of porting the novel for iOS with his own engine. Gasp! Holy expletive! Look forward to it- I know that I am.

As a NaNoReNo project, it's available for free, the soundtrack can be downloaded for free as well.
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