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Revival time

Wow, it's been quite a while since I last posted here... First of all, then:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Now that that's out of the way... What have I been up to? January was pretty busy, February less so. Had a somewhat bad cold/flu/whatever, though, even spent pretty much the whole weekend after my birthday in bed (which also explains why my thanks for the birthday wishes were so late). Almost perfectly healthy by now, though, hopefully the recently arrived frozen hell out there won't make it worse again.

What else? The current events in the Pokémon games finally prompted me to play those a bit after a couple of months' pause, and I finally have that damn Entei now. Remember me complaining about sleeping Pokémon fleeing when I was hunting the Latios? Yeah, same here... Stupid roamers.

In other Pokémon-related news, I went completely insane and pre-ordered both Black and White. As usual, when I can't decide, I buy everything... But really, White has definitely the nicer version of the world; however, Black has Reshiram, and that's even more irresistible. Well, should survive that hit to my wallet, even with Dragon Age II and some CDJapan packages in the same month. At least I've been smart enough to already have some additional money on my credit card. Although I do also need a new external HD, even the third one is almost full by now... (Also, it is a bit funny to consider a hard disk full when it has* more free space than the size of the whole HD in this computer. Then again, it's 931 GB versus 74.5 GB here... Old computer is old.)

More game news see me playing 999 once again. Really have to make a post about that one someday, so refreshing my memory now. Also, Die2Nite - first cooperative multiplayer game I've ever actually enjoyed. And, hey, there are zombies!

On the fansub side, another stalled project is finally seeing some work done again. We'll see when it'll finally be released...

Icons... Absolutely nothing new there, even if I have a lot of screencaps waiting. When it's not lack of time, it's just lack of any will to work on anything at all. Well, nothing to do right now, so maybe I can finally get something done today?

Oh, well... As usual, you can be sure I forgot to mention a lot. Especially after such a long time. Maybe I'll add more later, maybe make a new post. Time to make some tea now. ^_^
Tags: 999, dragon age, fansubbing, fun, icons, other, pokemon, work

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