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Whee, half-drunk post

Well, at least it got me posting more than just birthday wishes...

So, today we celebrated Rainer's birthday. Was technically on sunday, but he was in Sweden at that time, and obviously not a working day either.

Completely screwed up with the big project. In the end the client cancelled it, luckily other projects from the month kept us from losing money, but still a quite bad situation. At least the client is still giving us more jobs, so not as bad as it could have been.

Doing some smaller projects now, at least these are going better. So is the VN editing. When I have the time. First pass of two chapters done, though. Still, I have a few lines there that definitely need improving on the second pass.

Also finally got around to finishing the 4th playthrough of Mass Effect last night. At least I can put this behind me now.

So many images are awaiting to be made into icons... No time for that at all, nor any real desire to. Same with the banners I owe my icontests. Well, at least I'm not the only one in that regard, but I still feel bad. Stuck on the Out Of The Box theme banners for both of them, otherwise they'd probably been done a long time ago... :D

Also, aske me something. I'm sure I forgot to post about some things, and I'm in the mood to talk right now. Despite having to work. I'll be checking other things while working anyway, so might as well do this. I bet I'll get no replies for this at all as usual. :P
Tags: mass effect, other, stalemate, weird, work

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