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Meme time!

from nentari, aome and grimmy23:

Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/literary works/etc. and put their summaries from Better Than It Sounds and have your friends guess.


1. Japanese teenagers and their homeless friend fight monsters. There is a lot more talking than you'd expect. - Bakemonogatari - guessed by mirai_noah

2. Future freeter revives ridiculously weak student council as president. Hilarity ensues. - Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! - guessed by altairi

3. A high school girl is secretly an otaku. The boy dates her but keeps telling everyone that Shes Not My Girlfriend; nobody believes him. - Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu - guessed by margerydaw_s2

4. Heroic terrorists try to create World Peace Through Superior Firepower. Many plot twists are revealed, and lots of people die, while fans of both genders ogle the male leads. - Mobile Suit Gundam 00 - guessed by helike

5. An Ordinary High School Student becomes the servant of a hot-headed demon hunter after a monster erases him and his friends from existence. - Shakugan no Shana - guessed by margerydaw_s2

6. What if Romeo And Juliet had giant robots? - Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team - guessed by mirai_noah

7. She's a spooky story-loving high school girl! He's a paranormal investigator! Together, they fight crime go hunting for spirits! - Ghost Hunt - guessed by newtype

8. A girl with a magnetic personality abuses street thugs, her roommate, and vending machines. - To Aru Kagaku no Railgun - not guessed

9. Two sisters encounter the most boring ghosts Japanese folklore has to offer. - Mokke - guessed by altairi

10. Amnesia of varying degrees strikes multiple young people in a small city where coming Back From The Dead is secretly dirt common. - Kanon - not guessed


11. Novice prostitute joins forces with insensitive playboy and embittered family man to hunt down foreign exchange villain. - Bad Boys - not guessed

12. Housewares-salesman travels through time, causes and averts Zombie Apocalypse. Then bores his co-workers with tales of derring-do. - Army of Darkness - guessed by grimmy23

13. Man with peculiar accent participates in hit reality show. - The Running Man - guessed by altairi

14. Owing to over-sensitivity about a movie with bad language, an interfering parent starts World War III. Meanwhile, Satan has boyfriend difficulties, and a young boy tries to discover what the clitoris is in order to impress his girlfriend. - South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut - guessed by margerydaw_s2

15. Two guys in a Winnebago rescue a Rebellious Princess and her maid. After visiting a midget who is trying to make some money with merchandising, they fight air-stealing aliens who have a bunch of Assholes working for them. - Spaceballs - guessed by mirai_noah

16. A guy goes through way, way too much effort to gather enough evidence to support a copyright dispute. Otherwise, a movie about a BASIC programming command. - TRON - not guessed

TV Shows:

17. A Five Smart Guy Band takes on Magnificent Bastard after Magnificent Bastard and wins. - Mission: Impossible - not guessed


18. Explore space searching for why the Neglectful Precursors haven't give you a call lately. - Mass Effect - not guessed

19. Experienced, heroic champion of light hires a low-level adventurer and their henchmen to stop a plague. - Neverwinter Nights - guessed by altairi


20. A dimwit software programmer has a crush on a girl. His pet is a Magnificent Bastard Killer Rabbit. His secretary is an alien who considers cannibalism a religious act. His best friend is a slacker Mad Scientist. And he occasionally has to deal with The Legions Of Hell. This has gone on for about a decade now. - Sluggy Freelance - not guessed

Couldn't actually make quite the list I wanted, simply because a lot of what I wanted to have here were not present on their list... :(
Tags: quiz/meme

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