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Now I've Lost It

I'm back! ^_^ Well, already wanted to say this yesterday, but it took me quite a while to catch up with what I missed in the almost two days I was away, and then there was the 3rd episode of DtB2 in sQC. After that I already went home to sleep...

So, abingdon boys school in Helsinki. In one word, loud. As expected, anyway. But yeah, awesome it was. As expected, the choice of songs mirrored the European album, i.e. all singles up to now. Plus something I didn't almost dare to hope but really wanted them to do - From Dusk Till Dawn. That alone was worth the trip (along with Nephilim and Kimi no Uta).

And apparently Christmas has come early this year. Along with the snow I seem to have brought back with me from Finland, it's been raining various packages for me. Wednesday my BioWare shop order finally arrived, yesterday this was waiting for me home as well, and right before I started writing this post I came back from picking up a package containing these two CDs. Life's good (except now there's quite a bit of work for Tuesday). ^_^

edit: Also, forgot to add. Never, ever buy any DVDs they might release for this tour. I don't want my ugly mug to be seen. :P Somehow I also ended up answering some questions on camera while standing in the line. :D

Also, DA:O CE bonus DVD has forever destroyed the Ogre for me. After the outtakes video and Fluffy, I will never be able to take them seriously again... :D
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