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A Tale of Yesterday and Many Digressions

Ah, yesterday was fun. Luckily it seems I didn't miss much by being offline for a whole day. Started my 4th playthrough of Mass Effect (finally finished my Renegade earlier this week) and didn't leave the computer until 2 AM, other than for dinner. :D Fun times indeed. Well, reason number one for this was that I really want to see what happens in Bring Down the Sky if the hostages survive. Since I finished my first playthrough before that mission was released and my next two were not so nice people (both aiming for Renegade, but the first failed that). Cut for unnecessary character talk.Collapse ) Reason number two added itself when I started the game and noticed that new DLC had been released - Pinnacle Station is now available as well (although actually getting it was an epic tale of its own, since the link provided by the game points to the US/Canadian version of the EA Store and no options for Europe there - luckily the ME forums had a link for the UK store as well). So that's been installed now as well. ^_^

Which reminds me that I also finally ordered the Mass Effect Soundtrack. Took me long enough... Well, it became really tempting again after finishing the game for a third time and BioWare adding some awesome DA:O dragon t-shirts to their store sealed the deal. Both the red and white version have been ordered as well. That company really knows how to take my money... :P

(And on the topic of evil companies pulling money out of my pocket, Feldt's VA single obviously has been pre-ordered as well. (Still disappointed that Louise didn't get hers right after Saji... (Laughing my head off at these two being the first singles after the Meister's, though, looking at those nice little Phantom CDs...)))
Tags: fun, gundam, mass effect, music, weird

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