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What's up with these sudden Pokémon posts?

Also a champion in Emerald again, now.
Otoha - Linoone lv. 46
Shiori - Flygon lv. 47
Eika - Mightyena lv. 47
Karen - Gardevoir lv. 48
Elise - Ludicolo lv. 48
Takumi - Blaziken lv. 55

Now off to finally catch the damn Regi trio. Never bothered to do that before, but I really want to get that Regigigas in Diamond/Platinum. :D Done! ^_^

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    Finally have my shiny new Pokémon games! ^_^ Work needs to be finished before playing, though...

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    I finally have my Pokémon Black and White! ^_^

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