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Luinthoron's LiveJournal v.15.3
To post something other than birthday wishes... 
22nd-Jun-2009 10:42 am
Darker than Black: Hei
Haven't had much to post about lately, have I? Somehow I've been quite tired lately, even though there hasn't even been that much work... (Well, there is some now, though.) No new icon posts, no new fanlistings, still owing some banners for my icontests... And I really miss the times when I could enter 14 icontests every week without a problem. Most of them aren't even active anymore these days and I sometimes don't manage even to make something for my own two... At least I've been resting a bit over the weekend, spending more time home, so maybe this week will be better. First to finish this translation, though...

(Well, this says so much about how little I talk... After all, I consider LiveJournal my primary means of communication.)

Last week's best news: twoflower is writing again! ^_^ The new project is anachronauts. I still miss i am ikon, though...

Finally won something in an icontest again: 3rd at gundam00awards!

And finally, gave in to luxrays constantly tempting me with hers and got me some of those silly Pokémon as well...

Also, altairi. Bad mod! Where are the shana_icontest results or at least a voting reminder or tie-breaker? Do I really have to fire you? >_>
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