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LOL, Microsoft...

Ah, finally had the chance to check my site with IE8. And guess what? :D No matter how much they claim that it now finally supports all standards and shows everything correctly, this actually extremely simple site, perfectly validated for both HTML and CSS, perfectly working in Firefox and Opera, is still beyond Microsoft's capabilities. XD Yes, the validator links are there just to show Microsoft how they fail.

And I don't think I've really explained the problem over here, have I? It's actually so simple, I can't believe Microsoft can't get this right. See the CSS for the div with the site contents:

div.c2  {
   position: absolute;
   top: 50px;
   right: 0;
   bottom: 120px;
   left: 420px;
   overflow: auto;

Can you guess the problem?

Answer for the curious: For some reason completely beyond my imagination, IE apparently (still) cannot understand more than two of the top/right/bottom/left positions at the same time. Equally beyond me is the reason why it ignores right (which you don't really notice) and bottom in favor of left, which is listed last, but at least this limits noticing how bad the failure really is only to the blog page (where it proceeds to rape the layout as badly as possible, leaving you with no access to the site navigation links).
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