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Another icon meme, this time stolen from kaitodoushi:

Make a list of all the characters in your icons. (Although you may have more than one icon of a single character, they only go on the list once.) Alphabetize it. Take the first two people on the list; that's your first pairing for battle. Second two people; second pairing for battle. Etc. Then write your reaction to each battle.

I have 164 icons... So even after I left out real people and four characters that would not have made much sense here (Alastor, Chi, Hikaru and Tsubaki), you will now still have to suffer through 98 characters:

Allelujah (second from left) VS Andy
A tricky battle, but Andy might just win this one...

Athrun VS Billy
Billy is clearly not a fighter, so sadly he'll lose...

Blinkin VS C.C.
Sadly, C.C. is quite able to take on one blind man. Now if it was Blinkin VS Lelouch... :D

Cagalli (4th) VS Chihiro
Sadly, Cagalli will win this one. Like Billy earlier, Chihiro's not a fighter either.

Conan VS Creed
Conan can sometimes surprise, but I'm afraid even he has no chance against Creed. :(

Dearka* VS Draco
Tricky... Might actually go to Dearka, even...

Duo VS Ed
Damn... Ed will probably walk away with the win here - even if Duo could use his Gundam, Ed'd just transmute it.

Ein VS Ginny
However awesome Ginny might be, she has no chance against an equally (or even more) awesome perfectly trained assassin.

Gourry VS Hanyuu (on the right)
Gourry will win this one.

Harry VS Haruka*
Magic gives Harry sadly the upper hand in this battle. Otherwise he'd have no chance.

Hayate VS Hayato
Definitely Hayate. He's almost impossible to beat.

Heero VS Hei
Heero might be able to beat most of the guys here, but Hei should still have no problems with winning this battle.

Hiromi (on the right) VS Howlingstar
Well, Howlingstar's a dragon, so no battle at all...

Icchan (on the left) VS Index
Index, actually...

Inuyasha VS Jeremiah
Damn... Inuyasha, I guess. Jeremiah is great, but Inuyasha has a some nice tricks that will help him win in the end.

Jin (on the right) VS Kagome (on the right)
Kagome's skills are really not geared towards fighting human enemies, so Jin should win this easily even without Toa.

Kaito VS Karin
Kaito, easily. :D

Kazumi (on the left) VS Kinue (on the left)
Kinue should be able to win this one.

Kira VS Kuugen
I fear for the planet... This will be quite a tricky fight, no idea which one would finally win. I'd almost say Kuugen, actually.

Kyon VS Lacus
Right, the major fighters... o_O Lacus might actually be the winner here.

Lelouch VS Lina (on the right, obviously)
Lelouch, be ready to take an embarrassing beating. And then another one just for Lina's fun. :P

Lockon (second from right) VS Louise*
Lockon, although it won't be an easy victory.

Manabi (on the left) VS Mao
Mao might just be able to pull this one off thanks to his Geass.

Maria (er, on the right, of course) VS Marina
Maria will clearly win this one.

Masaharu (on the right) VS Mei (second from right)
Mei will lose this one.

Michael VS Mikan (second from left)
Another non-fighter pair. Michael should be the clear winner here, though.

Miriallia (on the left) VS Misaki*
Misaki, although surprisingly this might not be an easy battle either.

Misaki (on the left) VS Misuzu
This will be an amusing fight... Misaki will probably win, I think.

Miyako VS Momo (on the right)
Miyako should be able to win this.

Mutsuki (in the middle) VS Nagi
Mutsuki actually does some sport, so win to her.

Nagisa VS Nena
It was nice to know you, Nagisa... :(

Nina VS Patrick
Wow, a battle Patrick can (and will) actually win... :P

Pheles VS Red Haro (er, the Haro)
Pheles is one of the few people who can easily take Red Haro.

Relena VS Renji
Renji. Even though he's not much of a fighter, Relena is much less one...

Revive VS Rika (on the left)
Rika's an even trickier opponent than Red Haro. Revive will clearly lose. :D

Robin VS Roderick
Robin. But LOL, what a pair...

Ron (take a guess) VS Saji*
Saji will sadly lose to magic... :(

Setsuna VS Severus
Setsuna is Gundam. On the other hand, Snape has magic on his side. This one might just go to Snape...

Shana VS Sheriff of Rottingham
No question. Shana will mop the floor with the sheriff...

Shin'ichiro VS Shinn
Shinn. Soldiers tend to win these...

Shion VS Shirley*
Sorry, Shirley, but you cannot win against Shion in a battle.

Shuuichi VS Ssigh
Surprisingly, Ssigh will actually win this... O_O

Stellar VS Sumeragi
Stellar, no question.

Tieria (on the right) VS Toa (on the left)
Toa's a dragon, so... She'll eat Tieria and his Gundam for breakfast.

Toph VS Touma
Touma should be able to neutralize Toph's powers as well, and once he figures out her way to see things around her, he's won this battle.

Tsugumi* VS Will
Actually, I believe Tsugumi can win this one, especially since she doesn't really have to be afraid of injuries.

Villetta VS Voldemort
Avada Kedavra. Like Voldemort would care for any rules, even if there were some...

Xelloss VS Yuu
Xelloss will have a lot of fun toying with Yuu...

Yuuto* VS Zwei
Assassin alert! Yuuto has not even a chance... Poor boy, Zwei took even his place as my default icon.
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