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Because I just had to post a couple of comments on Gundam 00 S2 ep 22 as well:

1. Saji... Wow, just when you think he couldn't get any better, his awesomeness reaches new heights never seen before. He was already the greatest anime character of all times before, now he probably deserves a new category all for himself... More proof that he's actually the real main character of this show, really. *nods*
2. Next in Gundam 00: War of the Heavens - Celestial Being vs The Divine Army! XD
3. Patrick, today you were awesome as well! :)
4. As already commented elsewhere, extremely happy to finally see Fat Bastard die. It took far too long for you to join Lindt in hell...
5. Regene, we love you a lot.
(Needs more Billy, though...)

Now off to sleep...
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