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just a rant

I'm seriously annoyed. According to Dot.TK, my site has around 300 visitors in a month. Not bad for such a small thing. But the annoying part is, that we don't get almost any reviews there. Unless altairi reviews my stories, which she always tends to do there. OK, so I have few reviews from other people, as does she. But there should be more! In over a month honey666 has still no reviews. stiletto's only story there has only one review - from altairi. The only really great story - the Estonian translation of pikacheeka's "Drowning in Loneliness" too has only one review. And it's from me! On an Estonian site, with many Estonian visitors (some of who have actually even reviewed other stories) the stories in Estonian should really have more reviews than just one. At least I had a new author join last weektwo weeks ago, or I'd be in an even worse mood. Oh, well...


Calm down... OK. I apologize for this stupid text here, but I've wanted to say this for some months now...

*goes and hides*
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