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from abarero:

Drop me a comment and I will give you 3 of your icons for you to explain. Alternately you may also give me three of my icons (or less if you wish) of mine and I'll explain them to you. Then post this to your own LJ and keep up the cycle of icon squee!

Answers to her choices:

Ah, Mao, the completely insane bastard... :D Well, his plan for getting the (immortal) witch C.C. to his Australian house apparently included "making her compact" with a chainsaw so he could transport her in a suitcase.

From the end of the latest Shanatan special for Shakugan no Shana II. Yes, that's an actual anime scene. :D No need to guess what's Shana's favourite food, I think...

If you've watched Dragonaut, you know that this is what it's really about. Everything else seems to be secondary.

Answers to nentari's picks:

Don't ever let someone tell you that hard work hasn't killed anyone. Here's the ultimate proof! *is lazy*

This would be the old blind servant Blinkin welcoming Robin home in Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Apparently Robin lost his hands, but... Well, he might be a bit mistaken there. :P

This would be Kyon, the only "normal human" in his little group of friends. And quite often also the only sane one. And I can't believe how much I've had to use this icon at times...
Tags: icons, quiz/meme

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