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Major update at the_silver_key. In fact, I had to divide it into two posts... O_O

77 icons here and 84 more here. Have fun! ^_^

Total list of icons:
40 x ef - the latter tale
20 x Shimamiya Eiko - WHEEL OF FORTUNE (Unmei no Wa) PV / Higurashi Live-Action
17 x Special A
14 x Real Drive
13 x Code Geass R2
11 x Inuyasha
10 x ef - a tale of melodies
9 x Shakugan no Shana
6 x Gundam 00
6 x Soul Eater
5 x Gundam SEED Destiny
3 x Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai
2 x Itazura na Kiss
2 x Toshokan Sensou
1 x Chi's Sweet Home
1 x Minami-ke
1 x Nabari no Ou
Tags: code geass, ef - a tale of melodies, gundam, higurashi, icons, inuyasha, other, shana

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