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I don't even remember when I did the last thefridayfive

1. How long ago did you join LJ?
April 2003, so almost 5 years ago...

2. How did you find out about LJ?
Everyone in the damn HP fandom had one...

3. If someone introduced you to LJ, is s/he still on your friends list?
Not as much introduced, but I got the invitation code from luminousmarble. She's still on my friends list, I'm not on hers anymore.

4. Have you introduced anyone to LJ?
All my three sisters - altairi, nenji_kun and lillekas.

5. Is your LJ public or friends only, and why?
Almost completely public. I don't believe in locking my entries or the need for ((too) much) privacy. I'm weird, I know...
Tags: quiz/meme

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