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Random collected anime thoughts from the last few weeks (months?)

In a quite random order, typed in as I remember them:

Gundam 00: Is it just me, or is the second ending quite similar to Witch Hunter Robin's opening?

Rosario+Vampire: After Dragonaut, it should really not be a surprise that it could have much more accurately have been named Panties+Boobs. :P (Also, Menclave still working on this? I'd rather get their version...)

Gundam 00: I swear the Thrones have the weirdest designs since Turn A Gundam... Especially their feet. Might they be also transforming suits, since they remind me a bit of the Flag/Enact design?

Minami-ke: Weirdest reason for watching a series ever - the music. The moment I noticed that there was another series with music by Misawa Yasuhiro, I just had to see it. :D

Ghost Hound: Oh, it's actually getting interesting now...

Gundam 00: I was actually not too impressed with the first OST, especially after the same composer's absolutely brilliant work for Seirei no Moribito, but the scenes with Throne Drei really had great music.

Gundam 00: Also, is it just me, or does the Enact look a lot like the autonomous soldiers from The Third, especially Blue Breaker? :D (One of the first things I noticed about this series...)

argh... more might be added once I remember what else I wanted to say
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