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Whoa, I actually write a real post (and a bit about HP too)? O_O

Yesterday's most interesting realization came to me when I was walking home from work. As they always do. And it was that I should have seen the evil that is Harry/Ginny coming from the moment we first saw, had I realized already then that JKR thinks exactly like I do, except with one minor difference that is also the root of this - she sees things from the girl's point of view, while I see ot from the guy's side. We both seem to like the completely unrealistic first-true-love-from-first-sight. But as a woman, despite Harry being the main character she sees this from Ginny's side, while I was taking Harry's side and hoping for Harry/Cho for quite a long time.

What brought this on was something completely unrelated - finished watching Kanon last night. And is it just me, or are the relationships there (and other similar series) exactly like this as well. Which is something I really liked about it. I've said this already about Angelic Layer - I don't want realistic relationships in my books/anime/whatever. I want exactly this unrealistic first-true-love-from-first-sight you cannot find in real life. I get enough realism here, so let me escape in my fantasies.

Oh, and as you can see, I actually got over my tendency to avoid anything "too popular". Have also started Clannad, and downloaded Air as well. Well, Air was actually first thanks to some silly MyAnimeList recommendation, from there Clannad and Kanon followed.

In other news, approved for the Omoi Haruka fanlisting as well. endless_run - any good ideas for the name? Can't think of anything myself at the moment, and haven't been since I applied for it...

And let's not forget the usual icontest news either - 3rd place at seed_stills, 2nd and 3rd at seed_chorus, and another 2nd place at inu_stillness! :)

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