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Another meme with seven things

from nentari:

Comment on this post. I'll choose seven userpics from your profile and you'll reply here (or you know, your own journal, whichever), explaining what they mean and why you're using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

(Dear Fucking God!!!, by thefirewolf)
Easy - it's funny! One of my "WTF" icons.

(Eee hee!, by cleolinda)
Quote from V for Vendetta in 15 minutes, which you really need to read to fully get the icon. I rarely have any reason to use it, though.

(Google before, by amnellwyvern)
Luckily never had the reason to use it here, but what it says is entirely true, isn't it? It was just too great to not add, so here it is.

(Villetta / Boobs, by missdeep)
Because of, well, boobs! :P Everybody needs a boobs icon!

(FY, by rest_your_bones)
My angry icon that I also never had reason to use yet. One of my many Men in Tights icons, because the movie is just that great! :D

(Give 100%, by amnellwyvern)
Because I'm lazy and the icon is absolutely true. For work-related posts, especially when I'm lazy again.

(Office needs, by amnellwyvern)
Sometimes you just feel like that, don't you? Also good for posts celebrating something.
Tags: icons, quiz/meme

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