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Survived another weekend of university! Some work now, but hopefully I'll be able to enter some icontests again this week. I especially don't want to miss seed_chorus and Ghost Love Score.

Gundam 00 started on Saturday. Seen only the raw for now, but it definitely seems great. And I think I should be able to start the first week of gundam00awards on Friday as well. Let's see how it'll work out. :D

On the weird side of things, tonight I saw in a dream someone I haven't seen in 20 years. Now consider that I'm only 27... O_O

Next thing to lenghten this post would be a meme, then. Webdesign meme from luxrays:

01) How long have you been designing webpages?
Seriusly, no idea... Although I guess my first pages really don't count as design yet. There's about 10 years of various crap, though.

02) What was your first website?
Some bad little page on Geocities. It's probably still there somewhere...

03) What is your oldest existing site?
See previous question. Otherwise, my old page on that hasn't seen me in years. It's still there, though, linking to long-dead sites.

04) What is your favorite site?
LiveJournal? No idea, really...

05) What is your most visited site?
LiveJournal friends list + e-mail + my own site's e-mail. Checking all of them every 15 minutes. :D

06) When did you first get a domain name?
*checks site history* Luinthoron.TK on 31st August 2002 as a free redirecting domain, actually bought it 19th December 2003.

07) What domains have you owned?
In order of buying them: The aforementioned Luinthoron.TK, now dead due to discrimination against .TK domains by various ISPs. Yours-To-Break.Net, Villetta.Nu, Make-Revolution.Net, EXIA.CC and Reiji-Maigo.Net.

08) Why did you choose your domain name?
Yours-to-break was one of many ideas I had for a personal domain and probably described me the best at that point (and still does, I think, even if there's no-one there to give this power to anymore). Villetta.Nu because it's the greatest idea for a Code Geass domain ever (not counting my latter idea of and Villetta is one of my two favorite characters from the series. Make-Revolution is quite obviously taken from the T.M. Revolution fanlisting's name. Exia is the main Gundam from Gundam 00 and my domain for Gundam-related fanlistings. Reiji-Maigo because of my recent love for Shakugan no Shana and I still can't believe this domain was actually available.

09) Do you have a "style"? How would you describe it?
I tend to do those image-to-background-color blends.

10) What is the most important element to you when you design a layout?
The image I use.

11) What elements do you always include in your designs?
The site's name.

12) What web trends do you dislike?
IE-only pages. Thankfully this trend is dying.

13) Have you been responsible for any trends?
I don't think so...

14) What layouts are you most proud of?
Forever, both layouts for Amateur Pornography (the start of another of my layout styles), Hayashimizu Atsunobu, Manabi Straight!, I Can't Be Cool, Rey Za Burrel's Piano Kiseki, Work Your Magic, 08th MS Team, NetHack's text-only layout, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, both layouts for Vestige (start of my now usual style and still probably the best examples for it), and Angels.

15) What are your current projects?
I really should make a new layout for Yours-To-Break.Net. Also, I have a pending application at TAFL for the Kirihara Misaki fanlisting. Plus there are various ideas for other fanlistings after that. Too many ideas...

I know I wanted to say something else as well and it probably was important as well, but as the tradition goes, I've already forgotten what it was... Ah, now I remember. rayandoelsol once said that over there I'd earn more at McDonald's than here as a translator. Well, apparently it's quite true over here as well. Seriously, I'd almost leave this place and work there if a) it wasn't too much of a cliché for an English major and b) I have unlimited access to the computer and Internet here.

And last but not least, they're free, so come and get them while they're still warm (they always are):
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