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Written right after finishing DH, while LJ was still down (3:42)

Not going to say much as it's too late and I need to go to sleep, but chapter 33 basically confirmed almost everything every single fanfic writer had ever written. :D And apparently I missed Snape's Patronus just barely.

Also, Kreacher rocks! :D And also owns the best quote of the whole book: "Perhaps just one more, Master Harry, for luck?"

Also, Dumbledore is definitely equal to the Glorious Strategist (see: Jade Empire). ;) Just a lot less evil.

Also, Snape is even greater than we though!

And most importantly, I will still personally kill JKR for betraying all our hopes and not making it D/G. I mean, we trusted her so much! *nods*

P.S.: frankenspam really seems to have sent JKR her works. There's no other explanation for a couple of things in the book, especially Peeves' little poem.

P.P.S.: If they really will translate the title into Estonian as what was used in the last article about the book, I will lose any little remaining faith in the translators of the series.

Maybe more later once I've digested the whole thing.
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