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Today's highlights and other weirdness

midnightreverie is also giving me the fanlisting for Rey Za Burrel's Piano Kiseki. Did absolutely not expect this since I was sure both Kiseki and Omokage would go to the same new owner the moment I saw that there was another application for Kiseki.

Realized that it's Tuesday, not Thursday... Somehow I really have trouble remembering what day it is lately. o_O

The layout I currently (almost) have for The Third's fanlisting is probably one of the most intresting ideas I've ever had. Also, it sucks so terribly... Oh, well... I'll try to lift another fanlisting's finish the coding part for now and see how it actually looks like then. Maybe it won't be as bad as I think it might.

Read some of my older writings over at FFN... And noticed some very stupid typoes. :( Also managed to make myself cry by reading My Only Crime.

Because I don't want to trouble gundam_00 with the silliness, a few strange ideas just here in my own LJ:

1. What's up with the missing GN-004? Any ideas?

2. The Gundam series have always been anti-war, but it has never been this "obvious". There's also always a deeper conspiracy. So, Celestial Being being the real evil? Or is it the missing 5th Gundam? Or something else we are not aware yet?

3. OK, where the hell are the cockpits on those things? Because the torso looks like it would be completely filled with the engine/GN Drive... I might be wrong, though - we've all seen the Apsalus.
Tags: fanlistings, gundam, hp, other, the third, weird

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