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Eurovision Song Contest 2007

Everyone's posting their thoughts, so I'm adding my sure to be very unpopular opinions as well.

In order of the CDs so I don't miss anything and can just go by the playlist:

Not bad. Not one of my favorites either, though.

This one's actually fairly good. But again, there were better songs.

Same here.

I'm actually surprised this didn't place higher. It really was good, even if still not one of my absolute favorites. Always a good one to listen to.

Bosnia & Herzegovina
Another of the "Same here" crowd. Good, but nothing remarkable. And all the three (this + Albania and Armenia) sound similarly too...

Oh... Not bad. But not good either. Less good than bad, actually.

MORTAL KOMBAT! Well, it took my brother's comment for me to realize this, but this was exactly what it reminded me of. Still, I actually quite liked this song.

My number 2 favorite. Seriously, it was great!

Er... I fail to see this one's appeal. Well, OK, there are vampires, but for some reason it sounds just weird. Something just seems to be missing in the song...

Quite a good one again, but again not enough to go against the best ones. Almost, though...

Czech Republic
Not bad either. But not a winning song. From time to time you'd want to hear a song like this too, though.

Just not my style, sorry. Still, not the worst.

Another one that should have made it to the final round. You can say what you want, but it really is a great song.

Ah, our Pink clone. I think I still have a bit of a grudge against this song because I thought there were at least three better songs in the local finals. Still, the low place was a bit of a surprise, even if there were enough better songs in the semi-final to keep this out of the final round anyway.

Quite good again. But again, not good enough. Still, don't worry, I like it.

Why the hell was this one so low? Quite close to my favorites, even if not one of them itself. I'm actually even a bit sad to hear that the singer is so successful in Finland, as she would've been the perfect new addition to Nightwish. Oh, well, we'll see the real one in two weeks.

Worse than Germany? Hard to say, but around the bottom for me as well.

Ray Of Light was better. Yes, I'm talking about one of Madonna's worst songs. Yes, I did not like this one.

United Kingdom
The song? Crap. Not the worst, but still crap. As I said when I was first shown the video, though - points for making me laugh almost uncontrollably.

A very good song again, but if I want to listen to Ricky Martin, I'll listen to Ricky Martin. :P

Another quite good one. But again, one of the unremarkable ones in the middle.

Not really my style either, although much better than Germany.

Surprised by the bad result again, as this definitely deserved more. Still, not one of my real favorites either.

Another comedy, but still just enough to try to go against UK and not more.

My number three. Why this didn't get to the finals will be a mystery forever. Loved it!

I've been asked a couple of times what I thought about the Lithuanian song and I have always failed to answer because I can never actually remember the song. Just another of the perfectly unremarkable ones...

I'm surprised myself that I like it, but I do. Not enough to have it amongst my favorites, though.

Not bad either, yet once again, not good enough either.

And once more, just see what I wrote about Moldova.

FYR Macedonia
Well, it's better than the previous two. Not by too much, though.

Not bad, but definitely not Malta's best. They've had really good ones before.

The Netherlands
Another one for the unremarkable "Same here" crowd.

You can clearly hear that it shares the same composer with the Spanish song. And exactly as good or bad as that one as well.

Not bad again, but yes, you know what I was going to say here as well.

Well, it beats Spain, so mission accomplished. That's sadly all I can give it, though.

Sounds like Serenity... :P Not nearly as good, though.

Came from nowhere to become my 4th favorite and win the contest. As I already said to tomxfelton, I think it's one of the songs that you don't really notice at first but come to like after you've heard it a few times. It somehow just gets better every time you hear it. A bit like how the song itself keeps building in power throughout it. (Yes, I just copied this from my original comment!)

Pure porn! So the quite conservative costumes were a (nice?) surprise. Still, makes it to my extended round of favorites as well.

Best song of the show, just a little bit in front of Belarus. I can't believe it finished this far behind. And no points from Estonia? When did this happen the last time? It's like all the Estonian people decided that since the singer is bi, they won't vote for Sweden, no matter how good the song is. (And this is probably too close to the truth. See how much I hate these little Bush-lovers here...)

Another quite good one, but again not enough to make it to my favorites. I still like it, though.

Well, really, same words for this one as well. Except it's just a bit better. Loses to Ricky Martin Greece, though. :P

Absolutely. The. Worst. Song. Of. The. Whole. Damn. Show. Seriously, I still fail to see why anyone would vote for this. It's the show again, right? People, it's the songs we're choosing here, not the dancers or whatever. I hated it when Latvia won with one of the worst songs of the show and I hated this one getting the second place. Well, this one probably even more, since at least Latvia back then didn't make my ears bleed every time they sang their song.

Also, big translation finally finished, so there's now time for the university stuff... And maybe finally for the seed_stills banners I still owe people or even entering some icontests again. Would be nice... Although still highly improbable for this week.

And whoa, thunderstorms!

Fun fact: I started writing this post already on Monday!
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