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More of that meme, this time explanations to the interests and icons chosen by nentari and helike:



08th ms team: Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. Anime series. See here and here. I also run its fanlisting.

andrew waldfelt: My favorite character from Gundam SEED. See also icon used for this post. And yes, I run his fanlisting too.

i am ikon: A collaborative writing project started by twoflower, sadly quite dead at the moment. :( It really was (is?) a great world, though. And what a surprise, another fanlisting subject at my collective, even if I'm the only member of this one. :D


def leppard: As in, the band. They're good, trust me.

taking over the world: Ah, yes... I don't remember who exactly it was that commented that there weren't enough people with this listed as their interest, so I added it too. And hey, once I finish my plans to become immortal, this is already quite close too. :P

karin: Another anime series on this list. See also here or the bunch of icons I made a while ago.



- Yes, there is an icon here, but you can't see it on the white background. And that's the whole idea behind it. I took what is currently my default icon and turned it into something that would always have the colour of the background. It was an interesting experiment and I really like the result.

- Lelouch is the main character of Code Geass, another anime series. He has the ability to command you to do whatever he tells you to do. Well, with some limits, like only being able to use it once per person. And Pizza Hut is almost a running joke in the fandom, since they are the main sponsor of the series and quite often seen in it, as you can see from the icon as well. So it was almost natural to do this one. :D

- Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Love it. Added a lot of icons from there a while ago, this being one of them. Never been pissed off enough to use it, though.


- This is probably at least the third time for me to explain this icon for various memes. It comes from the unrealestate community (see also here), another (quite dead by now) twoflower project, based on an alternate universe of his story Unreal Estate (go read it now!), where fans of the original can write their own stories. To get the idea behind the icon, see also Reality Engines.

- This actually comes from the meme where you got an icon based on two of your interests. violet_quill made this one, by combining D&D + poetry.

- What every office needs, indeed! Sometimes work can really make you think this. Also doubling as one of my "party icons", for example for birthday wishes.
Tags: icons, quiz/meme

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