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Finally gave in and let zorb give me interests and icons to explain for that meme most of you have been doing. You know, the one where you let someone who has done it choose three of your interests and three of your icons for you to explain. So here they are:


bioware: Easy to explain. Bioware is the company behind some of the greatest games ever - Baldur's Gate series, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, and the upcoming Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

g(r)eek mythology: Greek mythology is the geek mythology! Seriously! :D Well, I do like it, and I just couldn't resist writing it like this.

old school hp: see azkabanbreakout.


- Sir Roderick from Jade Empire. Funniest character in the whole game, even if just a minor one. Voiced by John Cleese. :D

- My sins in the Harry Potter fandom, and not all of them from my first weird writings either...

- One of my very few movie icons and also one of the very first animated ones I've made. The Running Man. Actually also a part of the layout of the movie's fanlisting. :D

Let me know if you want me to choose some for you. Or, really, choose some more for me to explain, now that I'm not resisting it any longer. Can't really look up all your meme posts to ask you for this. ;)

In other news, I should technically be on vacation now, but still finishing a translation here... :(
Tags: hp, icons, quiz/meme, weird, work

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