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Various things written here during the day while working

Too much work, really, but sometimes you have to take a break too, so this is what else I've been up to in the rare minutes away from Sharp things and Google proofreadings...

1. Finally got my gw_rating stamp:

2. The VisualDNA™ thing that's making its way through my friends list:

3. Proof of my ultimate geekiness. In the university we had this sentence in German: "Wenn man auf die 40 zugeht, ist Bewegung das A und O." This is what I wrote next to it: limman-->40(A+O) = Bewegung

4. Word of the day: Googleyness. (No, I did not make it up myself - Google's style guide even gives a definition.)

5. ceilidh's post reminded me that with the amount of work I've recently had, I have also missed my LJ-anniversary... So, some statistics:

Date created: 2003-04-11 05:00:33
Journal entries: 1,993
Comments: Posted: 8,734 - Received: 2,862

I also seem to be pretty close to my 2000th post! ^_^
Tags: fun, gundam, gw_rating, university, weird, work

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