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What a week... Almost no posts, no icons for any icontest (although… 
9th-Apr-2007 02:25 pm
Gundam 00: Saji / Cute / Blue
What a week... Almost no posts, no icons for any icontest (although there were some present in an extended theme from the previous week). Too much work. Well, not only work, but I'm still working on a translation that had to be done on Friday. Can you believe someone put a holiday there just out of the blue? :P (Yes, I actually only noticed it after I'd asked for the deadline to be moved to Friday...)

Well other than being tired and uninspired due to work, a lot of the weekend was also consumed by Jade Empire: Special Edition. Finally got it on Thursday, so I think you can guess what was one of the distractions over the holidays, apart from many many eggs. A bit short and more action-adventure than RPG, but definitely another great game from Bioware. Lots and lots of funny dialogue, as traditional for them. Seriously, no matter what you think of the gameplay (I like that too), just the conversations are worth buying it. And John Cleese. Will hopefully add a few screenshots later (they're on the other computer), I just wish I had thought of taking them earlier - I missed quite a few good lines.

The fighting might seem just a hack-and-slash clickfest at first, but it's so much more. Sometimes you have to change the fighting style, other times it's not necessary, but the right choices can make some very hard battles ridiculously easy. I won some of the hardest duels by constantly switching between paralyzing my enemy and hitting them with my usual fighting style. They got to make a few hits too, but most of the time they were paralyzed and getting hit by me. Apparently "too easy fights" has been one of the problems pointed out by the players on X-Box, but I wouldn't say it's that bad. And the PC version now has a Jade Master difficulty level, so let them try that. :P My only real problem with the came is the savegame system. The saves are only identified by a number plus the time of save and your level. No possibility to name them, which is obviously a bit bad for multiple players using the same computer. Another part of the problem are the autosaves, which are all kept indefinitely. You can always manually delete them, but there really should be no need for keeping so many of them. After deleting about 100 of them one by one, this really gets on your nerves.

Ah, and I think I've forgotten to mention the most important part of any game, except maybe general gameplay itself. The story. Will not give you the story itself here, of course. This is just the place for my opinion of it. I guess some things could have been better, but it's definitely good. What seems like a nice and straightforward quest at first, will get a few surprising and other not-so-surprising (at least for the paranoid - or those correctly interpreting the foreshadowing) twists later. And as always, you'll have a few quite interesting friends helping you. Or just replace "interesting" with the best kind of "weird". *nods*

Oh, and if you wonder why it might sound like I'm still in the middle of the game in some parts of this and like I've finished the game in others - I started my second play-through yesterday. Enough proof that it's a good game? :D

Plus it has an absolutely great box! ;)

just from my memory:
After rescuing a merchant's ox (and his wife too, although he kinda failed to mention her) from their kidnappers, the three are leaving. The first line might have been a bit differently worded, but the rest should be almost exactly as in the game:
W: Do I need to kill the ox so you would finally notice me?
M: No dear.
W: Are you lying again?
M: No dear.
W: Are you even listening to me?
M: No dear.

P.S.: My mom just showed me the receipt for her new earrings - with the number of the earrings on it being 2.2... o_O

And how the hell did I manage to write a post this long? O_O

edit: Now with pictures and without some typos.
17th-Apr-2007 07:47 pm (UTC)
I just love that game. I play the original, not special, edition all the time.
17th-Apr-2007 08:02 pm (UTC)
Have no X-Box myself, so I had to wait for the PC version. Definitely love it too! :)
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