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Ah, and another fanlisting approval, this time it's Last Song.

I also forgot to mention that I submitted an application for Shirley's fanlisting again, almost the moment it was removed. :D

And while I'm talking about Code Geass, episode 20 was definitely one of the best. *nods*

And there really isn't a better place to do this, so writing here... I wonder why everyone is seeing Nina as racist? I've never heard anything negative about the Japanese/Elevens. For some reason she's afraid of them, but that doesn't automatically make her racist. For me and nenji_kun, at least, it seems that something bad must have happened to her to make her behave like this... She doesn't seem to really hate them and has even somewhat warmed up to Suzaku lately. The guys who keep spraypainting Suzaku's clothes = racists. Nina = not racist. That's all, thank you.
Tags: code geass, fanlistings, music

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