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So, anyone explain why this exam needed to be on a separate weekend when it only took 12 minutes? o_O

Very tempted to buy a Wheeeeee! Wii...

Anyone up to helping inu_stillness get enough icons to run this weeks theme (OTP)? It was extended until today midnight as there were only icons from one member. Have added my two now as well...

Didn't really want to apply for any more fanlistings before I had the answer to my one pending application, but couldn't resist one of my favorite songs any longer.

Am also thinking about not giving up on the lyrics game yet and having the next one up at the usual time (14th). We'll see...

Send me a Valentine?
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    Apparently it took me only hearing the OP of the first episode of Nisemonogatari to start lamenting the lack of a Louise VA single again... :D

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