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Mad World
You are "Mad World". You belong in an

Which Tears For Fears song are you?
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Incarnated Angel
Incarnated Angel

An exquisite spiritual being you are. The world is
starved of love and kindness, and it turns
forlornly on a rusty axel forged by man's
treachery and greed. Your assignment here on
Earth is to teach the values of true,
unconditional love and to reach out to those
with no-one else to turn to. Your heart is
immeasurable in its compassion and pain for the
human race. Everywhere you see death and
poverty, evil and despair, and your Angel heart
feels at the point of breaking. You're so
willing to love and blossom in the love of
another, but beware. There are those who will
wrecklessly play with your fragile emotions and
take advantage of you. Don't let them. Surround
yourself with people you know you can
completely trust, and let your inner light

Which Earth Angel Are You?
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Have to go home now...
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