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Random Things

A warm welcome to the new friends who found me or whom I found on the Anime/Manga Fandom Friending Meme! :)

Some fun with the last Harry Potter book, brought to you by my lovely friends list here, here and here.

More fun: your latest lovely terror as seen by the Bunny webcomic and Questionable Content with really questionable content this time. :D

From the same client who has brought us laughs like "Sorry for the mess, but you know- the client is always right- that is, until he pays, that is :D" (now the most infamous quote in our office) comes the next wonderful solution to our problems with his newest overzealous client: "I understand you and thank you for your patience- I myself just replied to the client that courses in Estonian grammar will be hourly rate."
Tags: fun, hp, other, quiz/meme, weird, work

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