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A meme, because I was tagged by ginnyhaha:

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Ice cream You can almost always bribe me with ice cream...
Literary: Anything by twoflower Seriously, that guy is a genius. Fanfic or original works, doesn't matter.
Audiovisual: Er... pr0n? Not much to explain there? :P
Musical: Onu Bella The Estonian singer known for really, really naughty parodies.
Celebrity: None, really... Can't even think of one here.

Now I tag:-
ms_katonic altairi twelveeyes helike and hemlocke

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.

Still working on a couple of translations that had to be done last week - the big translation before them sadly pushed them back a bit as well.

Added 4 new icons and obviously cannot show off all of them here. :P

Also won Best Interpretation at seed_stills after the weirderst tie ever. Every single voter chose a different icon for this category at first... :D
Tags: code geass, gundam, icons, quiz/meme, work

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