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Cannot resist a funny meme for too long... From syaokura and endless_run:

Your LJ Never-Ending Epic Fantasy Series by KeithF
Series TitleKnights of Typhoid
The Superpowered Peasant Hero(ine)honey666
The Hero(ine)'s Designated Love Interestdemonac
The Hero(ine)'s Sidekickicehacker
The Sidekick's Designated Love Interestiharthdarth
The Hero(ine)'s Wise Mentorazyura
The Dark Lordguttermind
Number of books in the series6
The hero(ine) eventually becomes...Exactly like every other cardboard cutout epic fantasy protagonist
The series becomes famous for...Gratuitous bondage scenes
You insist the series is Art in...Your nice comfy padded cell

Also, I just might finally get a new engine for my car! Yay! :) Or not... Already gone.
Tags: car, fun, quiz/meme

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