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Ah, so much work... So this post is just a reminder of sorts:

If you want a Christmas card from me this year, add your name and address here. I am not going to look up last year's poll. And as always, I'd rather go and buy the cards this weekend.

Should I even bother with the lyrics game anymore? I really love it, but if it only has three people guessing the songs... :( At least there's still almost a week to go for this round.

Back to work now. Really haven't even had the time to make icons for the various icontests this week. Or play NWN2. Or anything fun. :(

edit: I know a couple of you have posted their addresses on your LJs. Don't worry, I have those links saved for sending the cards. :)

Revenge of the Lyrics Meme™ VII
The Christmas Card Address Poll 2006
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