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OotP thingys and more

a quiz from hexygirl

How evil are you?

I will not stop writing Harry/Cho just because JKR decided to sink my ship! It will come back!

Finished OotP this night. Pointless rant to follow.

I will find JKR and she will suffer. For what she did to Sirius. I decided this somewhere halfway through the book. If it's Hagrid, I will be hurt. If It's Sirius, I will hurt JKR. If it's Cho, I will kill JKR. Sirius it was.

The best thing about the book in my opinion - lots of Ravenclaws!

Way too many Matrix moments for me... Don't know why, but I always saw some similarities... Especially as Tonks really was somewhat like Switch in my mind.

Still don't have my own book. Was thinking about pleading on my knees to get one... I really didn't believe I could sink that low...

Don't see why Tonks hates her name... I think it's a great one...

Phineas Nigellus - one of the most interesting characters ever. Acting like a black all the time, but apparently he really cared about Sirius...

Surprisingly enough, I was reading it more like another fanfic than canon. Even comparing to other stories. The similarities are there.

I absolutely loved McGonagall vs. Umbridge!

Same goes for the twins and other pranksters.

Dumbledore fighting... Amazing!

I still can't believe how exactly honey666 got Dumbledore's personality in her "Tears of the Mighty"... I'm more than impressed, more than I was when she first posted it...

"Voldything!" Vernon is a God! *grins* Has JKR read fanfics?


I'm insane. And this was just pointless. Will post more if I remember more. Or when I've re-read the book. Which I will. Soon.

I wonder what will happen with Percy now that the Ministry has actually accepted theat Voldie's back...
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