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So... News?

Rejected for the Strike Noir fanlisting. :(

lillekas has actually posted something on her LJ now - all her icontest entries until last week. Most of them are not really that good, but these are also her first icons ever. Still, I cannot believe that she did not win seed_hush last week (the second icon in her post).

Work? There's another big proofreading for Microsoft, but as it's for Tuesday, I have more than enough time. At least this client knows how to give deadlines.

Oh, and while we're talking about icontest, I think I might actually have a chance this time around. :) lillekas and I usually try to guess each others icons after we have voted and apparently this time she did vote for one of mine again. :) Gives me hope that some others might like it too, then. (Although I still think that I had an even better icon in the other icontest.)

Also, I absolutely hate seed_icontest's theme for the next week...
Tags: fanlistings, gundam, icons, other, work

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