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Yes, me too:

I escaped from the Dungeon of Luinthoron!

I killed Kallisti78 the rat, Lissannej the leprechaun, Honey666 the leprechaun, Luminousmarble the gelatinous cube, Devilzzz the floating eye, Dianoetic the kobold, Scrumtriliscent the leprechaun, Syaokura the kobold and Rayandoelsol the arch-demon.

I looted a Figurine of Sanacat, the Wand of Animatrix, the Crown of Soawen, the Crown of Ladyofthelog, a Figurine of Apostrophet, the Amulet of Gabriela, a Figurine of Pink Grrl, the Armour of Mirai Noah, the Axe of Icehacker, the Sceptre of Wm Law2003, the Sword of the Wraith, the Dagger of Hemlocke, the Crown of Cagallizala, the Amulet of Alissomora and 127 gold pieces.

Score: 577

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Also, visited altairi in Põlva yesterday with our new car. :)
Tags: other, quiz/meme

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