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Busy working again. Yes, I'm aware that it is a national holiday. There's not much else to do, though, and the translation has to be finished tomorrow (not a holiday in Estonia). And there's a lot left to translate, as I spent almost the whole last day (and a bit of this morning) playing Penultima ReRolled. Hadn't had the chance to try more than the first module of Penultima until this week, sadly... Definitely loved it, even though I'm a bit disappointed that there was no option to stay with Dawn in the end. Of course, the usual romance options are always the henchmen, so I can understand this. Still, twoflower is definitely an amazing writer and his works are always brilliant. And the jokes are incredible, even in the darker parts. :)

Revenge of the Lyrics Meme™ VI
Tags: fun, other, work

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