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Because I haven't posted much lately and I saw a meme on my friends list, ...

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Are you male or female?
Pick your favorite fairytale of these:
Who do you root for?
Aurora's dress should be...
Do they really live happily ever after?
The beautiful Princess locked in a tower, waiting for her Prince.elenalink
The handsome, sword-wielding Prince, who lusts after the Princess.dianoetic
The evil witch with an insanely annoying laugh and a dumb animal sidekick.vintagewriting
Above mentioned dumb animal sidekick. But cute and furry nonetheless. ^^violet_quill
The feminist princess who escapes the tower, slays a dragon, and passionately takes the Prince.tsunamisurfer
The comic relief. Enjoys running into trees, getting stomped on by dragons... hey, it's a life.anaid_rabbit
The sexually frustrated King, who secretly lusts after the neighboring kingdom's Princess.neko_myka
Chance that you will all live happily ever after:
Fun Quizzes by Rissa at BlogQuiz.Net
Entertainment News at NewsDump. All the latest goss!

edit: Also, ms_katonic has started another Comment Orgy! :D
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