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from lacus:

How many fanlistings do you join?
Enthusiast says 259

How many fanlistings do you own?
27 (14 TFL and 14 TAFL)

Which is your newest fanlisting?
Adopted: In My Dreams; Started myself: Movies In Fifteen Minutes

Which is your oldest fanlisting?

Which is your popular fanlisting?
T.M. Revolution with 404 fans

Which is your least popular fanlisting?
The fanlistings for Another Night and Gabriela have sadly only me as a member. :(

Which fanlistings will you never get rid of?
I consider all of them to belong here

Which fanlisting have you recently applied for?
T.M. Revolution: Shiroi Yami

The fanlisting you haven't got but would love to run?
There are quite many of those

Do you donate codes?
Usually not, although I did donate two to the Gundam SEED FL when it was still run by the previous owner. Sadly the new listing still shows them as hers as she uploaded them there. :(

How do you maintain your fanlistings?
I've been using Enthusiast for a while now.
Tags: fanlistings, quiz/meme

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