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Oh. My. God! After a very slow start and only adding the second member, the first if you don't count me, to the Movies In Fifteen Minutes fanlisting yesterday, I had to add 64 new members this morning... I don't even have the time to check whether they've linked back correctly at the moment. Just... wow!

quick edit: Make that 65 66 67... That's it. Not correcting here anymore!

edit: I just don't get where they all come from... The last time I ever advertised it anywhere was on Sunday when it was crosslisted to the Websites category. Nothing since then. And now suddenly this...

edit2: Checked the sites. Only five remained linked... And only one of these actually had the link up, but as the others at least had links to other fanlistings, I decided to give them a bit more time to add mine too.

edit3: I believe I know where they come from, now.
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