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Another meme...

from lacus and rinslet:

Instructions: take the first sentence (or 2) from the first post of each month of 2005. That's your year in review.
(Like rinslet, ignoring the memes. And also birthdays.)

So, hey again! Not been posting much lately. Spent most of the weekend home. But also finished a small German translation I had for today.

*not so amused anymore* is down. Which means Luinthoron.TK is down. And that I can't access my e-mail. :(
(It was back the same day, though)

So, 5 days after the deadline I've finally finished the big Canon translation.

I want to write a poem for You
Even though I do not know how

(This is actually the beginning of a poem)

Boredom can make people do strange things... Why do I always have my fanlistings up so quickly? Because sometimes I just can't resist doing the layouts when they're still pending.

A lot of work again. Haven't even started one of the translations as Janek is currently using the program I need for it. Not that I would have the time anyway.

Vacation! This might mean that you'll see less of me online, though, as I'll be spending more time home and my sisters want to use that computer too. Still, YAY!
(Wasn't much of a vacation...)

No parents for a week! I'm finally back in Valga after driving back from Tallinn and stopping in Viljandi to actually get some sleep.

The new version of Yahoo! Messenger doesn't apparently like this computer. :(
(Still doesn't)

So. Not posting yesterday? Why? Well, main reason being a D&D game over MSN Messenger.
(And still no news about the next session... altairi?)

I think I'll go a bit earlier again today. Well, earlier for me, that is.

Damn, I wish I had something more to post than only memes... Oh, well... Back to working again.
(So true... Ain't I posting a meme right now?)
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