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Yet another Christmas meme | GIP

Post a comment to this post and tell me, in all honesty, if we would kiss if we met under the mistletoe. A decent snogging, not just a peck on the cheek mind you. I'd give my mother a peck on the cheek if I met her under the mistletoe, but we're not talking about that, I want real snogging. Now, usually this meme is done and anonymity isn't kept. You're supposed to fess up to whether or not you'd actually kiss the person asking. I'm not fussy. If you want to be anonymous, go for it. If not, that's cool.

And apparently, once you have commented you are supposed to post this on your lj. Once again, up to you. But surely you'd like some kisses under the mistletoe too.
Tags: fun, icons, quiz/meme

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