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So. Not posting yesterday? Why?

Well, main reason being a D&D game over MSN Messenger. Just a little solo game as an introduction to the actual game, explaining how the character arrived in the city where the game starts. Quite an interesting game actually, with altairi as the DM.

The rest of the evening/night was spent with watching episodes 85 to 90 of InuYasha that I evilly downloaded.

I present you: Elinde Dragonborn, female Elven Sorcerer, level 4. STR 8 DEX 15 CON 14 INT 10 WIS 10 CHA 18.

Elinde Dragonborn

Elinde was born in the year 367 P.E. in the small village called Leyl in the Elven kingdom of Nequit. Already at her birth the priests knew she was special, and when most of the villagers were followers of the Lady of the Woods, Elinde was brought up to worship the Creator of Ea who also created the powerful dragons whose magical blood was believed to flow also in her veins. This is also how she got the name Dragonborn. Unlike most of the Elven mages, her magic is not the result of careful studying but comes from her inner powers. She's not a Wizard, but a Sorceress. But learning to focus and control her powers was not enough for her. She had always wanted to train her powers and to be able to use them for the good of others as her parents had always wanted her to do. So for the last couple of years she's been discovering the world outside her village, helping those in need and becoming stronger in the process. At this point she has come to the city of Pavor, quite far from her home that she still misses. When she left home, she had to leave behind her parents and her friends, most importantly her best friend since childhood, the young Ranger Lilia, and her 5 years younger sister Stella who had almost finished her own training as a Bard and who really wanted to accompany her on her travels. She still thinks back to the times at home and when possible, would one day like to visit home again, whether to stay there or take her sister, and maybe also Lilia, with her to see the world.
Elinde is mostly quite shy and timid, but can occasionally also surprise everyone with her courage and forwardness. On her travels she has not only honed her skill in magic, but also trained to overcome her lack of strength and can by now use the rapier with admirable skill, even if she doesn't do as much damage as a stronger person would. But she has also learned to cast her spells effectively in battle, so weapons are for her more like a backup in case she should exhaust her powers.

And yes, I actually wrote it in English, despite everyone in the game being Estonian. I can write much better in English than in my own language...
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