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A couple of memes from nentari:

1. Make a screencap of your desktop by clicking "PrintScrn".
Post it on your journal for everyone to see.

2. (because she tagged me)

10 things you SHOULD already know about me.
1. Hi, I'm Marek
2. I'm Estonian
3. I'm 25 years old
4. I'm male (yes, this can be a surprise on LJ)
5. I have written a bit of fanfiction, mostly HP
6. I also write some poetry
7. I have the most wonderful girlfriend ever and I've yet to actually meet her as she's living on the other side of the ocean, in Puerto Rico
8. I own some fanlistings
9. I've dropped out of the university... three times
10. I have three sisters and a brother, all younger than me

10 things you might have not known.
1. I was born with a broken collarbone
2. I almost never start IM conversations
3. As a little child I wanted to be a girl
4. I don't have many friends IRL and the three people I consider my best friends do not live in Estonia.
5. Despite living near a lake for most of my childhood, I didn't learn to swim before I was 10
6. Yes, I am still a virgin
7. I'm actually very much afraid of talking to people I don't know
8. Most of my English skills come from TV and reading fanfic
9. I forgot the PIN code for my credit card within 24 hours after getting it. I can still use it online, though, and as this was why I got it anyway, I haven't bothered to get a new one.
10. It took me about 3 hours to write this list
Tags: quiz/meme

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