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How the hell did they get Hermione to play Quidditch? O_O

I think Draco will come over to the "light side".

I also think Snape killed Dumbledore because Dumbledore wanted him to do it. He wasn't pleading for his life, he was pleading for Draco.

This book will probably replace GoF as my favorite HP book, even despite the H/G and R/T and Dumbledore's death. Where OotP was like a badly written fanfic, HBP looks like JKR has taken almost all the best the fandom has ever written and thrown it together in a quite amazing and for the greatest part funny book.

I'm quite sure there are only 3 Horcruxes left. If the mysterious R.A.B. took one, there was no eason for him to leave it intact.

I really do not understand Ron... About Lavender, that is. I just don't. What did it matter that he hadn't kissed anyone? I'm 25 and I haven't.

I think Dumbledore's portrait should've said something.

edit: I knew there was a reason why I actually liked Fleur!

I think I'll post more when I remeber what else I wanted to say. Or re-read the book.
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