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11th-Apr-2003 03:16 pm
Gundam 00: Saji / Cute / Blue
Well... Here I am!

It took me long enough to get a LJ, but I finally found a nice person (or actually, she found me) to give me a code! Many thanks to the brilliant person known as Luminous Marble!

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14th-Apr-2003 06:02 pm (UTC)
Well, I wanted to see a code go to a good cause. ;) Vs. giving them away to strange, 15-year-old HP fangirls.
15th-Apr-2003 04:35 am (UTC)
Well... I hope it was a good cause then. I might be a little strange (to you), but I'm definitely not 15, nor a girl... *grins* Really, thanks again!
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